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Telescopic tribune with plastic seats.

Intended: Indoor use - sports halls, spectacular and gymnastic halls.

The basic features of the tribunes:

  • Modern, safe and simple way of folding and unfolding, based on frictionless roller system

  • Tribune can be folded and unfolded by only one person

  • Modular construction (lenght: 300 cm - 600 cm, every 50 cm)

  • Individual design -the tribune is each time designed and adapted individually to a facility

  • Safe polyurethane wheels do not leave traces on the floor

  • Any color configuration option (choice of colors according to the RAL palette): surface of metal parts, color of the barriers, color of seats, panel slabs of the tribune

  • Platforms are made of anti-slip board, thickness 18 mm

  • Additional middle steps

  • The steps finished with aluminum sheets

  • There is no need to disassemble handrails in order to fold the tribune

  • Certificate of quality EN

Stationary mobile tribune for outdoor use with plastic seats.

Intended: Open sport facilities - sport fields, stadiums.

The basic features of the tribunes:

  • Tribunes designed for quick assembly and disassembly, flexible in the configuration of the audience

  • Modular construction

  • The tribune is intended for assembling on the hardened ground.The system is designed in a way as to stop unauthorized removal of individual elements, which prevent thefts

  • The structure of the tribune is made of steel profiles. Ready-made structural elements are protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing

  • Lattice platform type VEMA, made of hot dip galvanized steel (other solutions are optionally available, made of corrugated metal sheets for example)

  • The tribune is equipped with side and rear safety handrails (they are powder coated as standard in orange - RAL 2004)

  • The design of the tribune is customized for particular facility, according to the safety directives concerning tribunes

  • Any color configuration (selection of colors according to the RAL palette): surface of metal parts, color of the barriers, seat color

  • Certificate of compliance with EN

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