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The proven combination of positive and non-positive connections in a rapid and bolt-free system technology with AutoLock function facilitates connections that are automaticallyright-angled, obtuse-angled and acute-angled – and ensures built-in safety at the same time. Layher Allround Scaffolding has now become synonymous with modular scaffolding on the market. 


Since its launch in 1974, this original system has been undergoing continuous development and offers an impressive variety of use: on any construction site, in industry, chemical plants, power stations, shipyards and for events. As scaffolding for working, protection, façade work or support, as internal or birdcage scaffolding, or as rolling towers.


Even with very difficult layouts and architecture styles and with heightened safety requirements, Allround Scaffolding is the faster, safer and more economical solution.

Modular Scaffolding  are applicable to industrial facilities with a large number of installations, pipelines (refineries, shipyards, etc.), And as a scaffold detached in shipbuilding, power generation, steel mills, etc.  They are also used for assembly stages and stands in cultural and entertainment events. Modular scaffolding is characterized by high load resistance and the possibility of expansion in every direction in the inch system in the range from 0.73 to 3.07m and in the metric system from 0.74 to 3.00m. Through the use of cross-head it can be used as a denial ceilings.

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